Bar guns

    Rattler Bar gun

    Key Features:

    • One bar gun for dispensing multiple beverages
    • Interchangeable manifold, fully compatible with Wunderbar models
    • From 8 to 14 buttons for customized dispensing options
    • Available in both Flow Control and Mechanical configurations
    • Various hose lengths to suit your setup: 90cm, 120cm, or 140cm
    • Easy maintenance and cleanability with removable valve cover and nozzle

    Enhanced Performance:

    • Nozzle and diffuser designed to prevent product carryover
    • Meets industry standards for syrup ratio in all types
    • Precisely engineered with molded flow controls for consistent flow rate, regardless of pressure changes

    Superior Quality:

    • Durable handle made from cast acrylic
    • Integrated valves with double o-rings for leak prevention and extended service intervals
    • Independent valve design with stainless steel collars for reliable shut-offs and flow control


    Flash Bar gun Holder in chromed ABS with clamp on and drip tray. It can be equipped with 80mm Fish-Eye lenses or with LCD digital Medallions.