We pour your drinks since 1976

Vin Service was founded in 1976 from a great dream: to supply quality wine, quickly and in large quantities, how? Draft! From this revolutionary idea, the oenologist Riccardo Guadalupi and his wife Daniela Gennaro Guadalupi gave life to a project that is now known worldwide, and which has expanded into the fields of beer, soft drinks, and water.

In 2016, Vin Service became part of the Aalberts Group, an industrial reality focusing on technology, innovation, sustainable solutions, and customer support.

Within Aalberts, the DISPTEK Group includes the companies VIN SERVICE, DSI, and TAPRITE, together with the newly operating DISPTEK UK.

In 2023 DISPTEK Group joined the large MICRO MATIC family.

MICRO MATIC, a company founded in 1953 and now active worldwide, is the world’s leading supplier of keg fittings, keg lances, and dispensing solutions for the brewing industry.


VINSERVICE MICRO MATIC is passion and creativity.

Made-in-Italy design and production, flexibility in customizing products, and fast and efficient delivery service are the strengths of our company.

The innovation is driven by increasingly sustainable products, digital technologies, and greater connectivity, which are indispensable factors that shape the future of the beverage dispensing experience and meet the needs of a multi-sector customer base.

A sparkling business

High quality standards require great efforts. Thanks to its human capital and the continuous innovation of products and processes, Vinservice has developed and improved Riccardo Guadalupi’s brilliant idea and used it as a spark to give life to a successful business.

Vinservice Micro Matic Mission

We develop, engineer, and manufacture out-of-the-ordinary integrated dispense systems for a better beverage experience. Through a flexible approach and a worldwide reactive and collaborative team of experts, we help the beverage industry players to meet customers’ needs and anticipate market requirements and trends. With our local factories we are able to deliver, on a global scale, finished products and components combinable with each others, offering integrated solutions. We are committed to a sustainable value chain, products with recycled and recyclable materials, in order to give a better beverage experience to the end user, and a better future for everyone.

Quality and Environment

Vinservice Micro Matic has always been concerned about its surrounding environment. With the aim of continuously reducing the environmental impact of its products and processes, Vinservice Micro Matic has adopted the Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Now, thanks to a careful waste management, the continuous monitoring of emissions and a precise production planning, Vinservice Micro Matic is proud to consider itself an eco-friendly Company.

TÜV certificates ISO 9001 – ISO
14001, to see the certificate click here.
o read our environmental policy document click HERE.

Our human resources

As mentioned, Vin Service believes very much in human capital, the backbone of the company, and believes in it so much that the honorary president, Daniela Gennaro Guadalupi is also the founder of the association A.R.M.R. “Aid to Rare Disease Research.” Since its founding, grants have been distributed throughout the territory to help with research and treatment of those diseases that are still a big problem for many people. It is worth delving into how much great work has been done and how much more is to come, to do so just visit their website:


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